Alignment Law
Base Level 11
Group Aerial
Species Divine
Summon Time 100
Sustenance 132
Inheritance Type Expel

The ninth class of angels in the Angelic Hierarchy. They appear in Christianity, Islam, and Judaism as manifestations of God's will. The generic angels depicted in paintings are almost always of this class.

The word "angel" means "messenger" in Greek. Angels serve as a link between God and humankind. They are also sometimes referred to as "servants." Angels appear in many parts of the Bible and other scriptures.

Learned Skills

Skill.Magic Shot Skill.Counter Skill.Hama Skill.Dia Skill.Gale

Acquired Skills

Skill.Patra Level 14: Petradi Level 17: Anesthetic

Ability & Defense Affinity

Growth Small Eihwaz
HP 143 Cls-R 27
MP 56 Lng-R 35
STR 11 MEF 25
MAG 12 SEF 33
VIT 12 CRT 200
INT 20 PDE 10
SPR 11 AGM 18
LCK 17 DEC 47
PHY Good MGC Good
Lng-R - PIR Bad SPR Bad
FR - ICE - ELC - FRC Bad ALM -
XPL Null All DTH Bad
CR - SPT -
MAG Good NRV Good MND Bad
WSP Good UNQ - S.Epl -


Healing Kind

A Feather in the Wind


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