Alignment Neutral
Base Level 24
Group Beasts
Species Holy Beast
Summon Time 100
Sustenance 120
Inheritance Type Curative

The holy beast of Ptah, the creator of Egyptian mythology, seen as an incarnation or agent of Ptah. Apis takes the form of a cow with 29 distinct features on its body.

It is said that there can be only one Apis in the world at any given time. When a new Apis is found, the previous Apis is drowned in the Nile. When the Apis reaches its natural lifespan and dies, it is mummified and given a solemn burial.

After death, the Apis is said to be reincarnated as Osiris.

Learned Skills

Tackle Skill.Defensive Stance Skill.Hama

Acquired Skills

Ability & Defense Affinity

Growth Small Eihwaz
HP 209 Cls-R 28
MP 85 Lng-R 25
STR 16 MEF 24
MAG 14 SEF 38
VIT 15 CRT 205
INT 24 PDE 11
LCK 18 DEC 40
PHY Good MGC Good
SLA - CHR Good BLT Null All
Lng-R Good PIR Good SPR Good
FR Good ICE Good ELC Good FRC Good ALM -
XPL Null All DTH Bad
CR - SPT -
WSP Good UNQ - S.Epl -


Valley of the Kings
Considered a god in ancient Egypt. When Demons of the Godly Beast, Sphinx is in the same party: Magic +10.
The Sound of Horse Hooves
A demon with hardened horse hooves.
Thrust skills are 50% more effective.


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