Lucky Datsue-Ba
Alignment Chaos
Base Level 10
Group Demoniacs
Species Femme
Summon Time 100
Sustenance 80
Inheritance Type Nerve

Learned Skills

Skill.Thrust Skill.99 Needles Skill.Anti-Demon Stance Skill.Counter Skill.Shibaboo Skill.Mabufula Skill.Gale

Acquired Skills

Ability & Defense Affinity

Growth Blessed Peorth
HP 165 Cls-R 32
MP 84 Lng-R 32
STR 12 MEF 40
MAG 22 SEF 32
VIT 14 CRT 230
INT 18 PDE 9
SPR 13 AGM 3
LCK 18 DEC 38
PHY Good MGC Good
SLA Good CHR Good BLT Good
Lng-R Good PIR Good SPR Good
FR Good ICE Good ELC Bad FRC Bad ALM -
CR - SPT -
MAG - NRV Null All MND Null All
WSP Good UNQ - S.Epl -


A female demon that brings good fortune to the master. Summoner's LCK +10.
A demon who resents the living. Death-based skills are 50% more effective.
A demon with a menacing grin not of this world. Damage received from the Death group is decreased 30%.
Nerve Wield
A demon who can control the nervous system of others. Nerve-based skills are 50% more effective.


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